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BMW N62 Valve Stem Seal Replacement

Valve stem seals done for $2250 in Boca Raton Florida . Here is a video of us doing a valve stem seal repair on an N62 which is identical on the N62tu as well. Best prices in all South Florida for valve stem seal work on BMW. We can be reached at 754-300-9809 to discuss your BMW N62 valve stem seal replacement . Go where the experience is and save huge over dealer costs for this repair .

Valve stem fun this morning

Posted by Sean Schultz on Monday, December 4, 2017

BMW N62 Design

BMW N62 Valve Stem Seal Replacement

BMW N62 Valve Stem Seal Replacement $2250

The N62 had been a four valve design with a composite piece. In BMW terms it was a cutting edge motor. The N62 took the innovation forward by utilizing Valvetronic valve lift control set up of a throttle body. This enhanced economy and responsiveness. Configuration issues cause BMW N62 Valve Stem Seal Replacement to be required at an inopportune time .  BMW experience is required for this repair . It likewise utilized VANOS on the two camshafts as opposed to only one. It needs a vacuum pump as the absence of a typical throttle plate represses vacuum .

The timing configuration was of a N73 V12 with one chain for each bank of chambers driving the two camshafts on that side, extraordinary to the N62. The oil pump is chain driven from the crankshaft. Most were cast crankshafts superseded by forged crankshaft as a more grounded fashioned unit was required for the 4.8.

For the new motor BMW guaranteed more shared characteristic with the V12 than had been the situation with the more established motors. The piece utilized a similar barrel liners and spacings. There was a significantly higher sharing of parts than had been conceivable between the M60 and M70.

This was BMWs V8 motor to have the DISA variable length consumption innovation. It wasn’t regarded to be of advantage to the bigger V12. The runner lengths were changed dynamically from 3500rpm.

Catalytic Converter Upgrade

In the same way as other of BMW’s more current motors have an auxiliary CAT  implemented to decrease emissions in the warm up stage. This wasn’t fitted to the 4.8. The exhaust system now had a pre-cat to enhance the effectiveness of the fundamental CAT. These were housed near the exhaust ports in order to warm up more rapidly.

In 2005 a Technical Update adaptation of the 4.0 and 4.8 was discharged which brought about a little power help. The two models now had manufactured crankshafts (beforehand just the 4.8 had) and the air emission was augmented. The variable length DISA framework was supplanted by a two phase framework and the unit was currently plastic rather than magnesium composite. The 4.0 never again had an optional air framework.



This was not a direct injected motor so didn’t experience the ill effects of related issues for those motors.

The oil pump’s check valve can come loose and wind up in the oil channel, lodging it. BMW had a TSB (specialized administration release) with respect to this. Loads of work to fix. It’s anything but difficult to explore the oil channel and check for this if purchasing a used auto.

On the off chance that there’s a little coolant spill from the planning spread it’s terrible news. It’s only a flawed seal however can take up to 60 hours of work to change! There are aftermarket arrangements including another coolant pipe which can be fitted in less than ten hours.

The oil separator/CCV valves stop up causing high oil utilization, basic BMW issue.

The early style variable DISA (3.6 and 4.4) can gum up with oil slop.

In the event that a motor sounds extremely clattery it can be because of air in the water powered valve lifters. This can happen if the oil level falls low or the auto is utilized for little more than short outings, I’ve seen it once. The repair is to drain the lifters. Warm the motor up with a short drive then with the auto stationary run the motor at 3500rpm for three minutes, this can be attempted a few times consecutive if necessary. Positively worked for me.


BMW N62 Valve Stem Seal Replacement Cures Smoke

If the car smokes white once warmed up (cold is normal) and idling for a long time you may need BMW N62 Valve Stem Seal Replacements. The new seals are a much better design so if buying a used car see if they’re been fitted. New ones can be fitted without removing the heads if the correct procedure is followed but it’s still not cheap.




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